Online Mixing

from 69 €
  • Up to 128 Tracks we offer our online mixing in digital format. We use state of the art plugins from well known companies as well as boutique software solutions to let you shine out of the crowd
  • We offer a 100% analog mix of your song pushed through our Euphonix (Michael Jackson, Babyface, George Michael, Seal) console and our top notch analog audio equipment by Fredenstein, SSL, TubeTech or API

• Each song is carefully processed with analog and/or digital equipment

• Vocal Editing – Manual / Auto tune Vocals – Hiss Removal (if necessary)

• Corrective/Balancing/EQ

• Multi-Band Compressions

• Harmonic Exciter & Saturation Processing

• Clarity and Punch boost that may be missing from flat mixes

• No „presets“ applied, every song is handled differently based on its needs

• Reverb – FX and Delay

• DeEssing 

• Panning Effects 

• Stereo Widening 

• Bass Enhancement 

• Peak Limiting

• Mixdown -6db WAV File Export (No Radio Ready Mastering)

Online Mastering

from 69 €
  • We give you the famous last 10%
  • Analog Processing
  • Stem Mastering

• EQ

• No „presets“ applied, every song is handled differently based on its needs

• Spacial Widening

• Compression

• Peak Limiting

• Ambience

• Bass Enhancement

• Loudness Maximization

• Dynamic Expansion

• Noise Reduction

• Ready to release on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms

Stem Printing

from 149 € / Stereo Track
  • You want that perfect tape machine sound on your music? Stop scrolling!
  • We deliver 100% analogue tape machine saturation on calibrated machine on a brand new ATR tape

• Each track will be recorded and played back on an individual machine input and output

• For Stereo Files we use our well maintained Studer PR99 

• For more than 4 tracks and up to 24 tracks we use our ATR 124 the ensure the best possible result

• Choose between 7.5 ips, 15 ips or even 30 ips of tape speed

• we use exclusively ATR Magnetics Mastertape to offer the best result

• Playback will be exported with -6db WAV File (No Radio Ready Mastering) 


from 49 € per hour
  • record with your band in our live room
  • record either digital with up to 24 channels simultaneously or with up to 24 tracks on tape straight on our ATR 124

• Vocal Recording and Vocal Coaching

• top notch recording audio quality

• comfortable atmosphere

• FREE Coffee

• we are always open for a nice talk.

We believe in honest and open communication paired with a sometimes flumsy touch of humor

Unser Team

Manu Meyer

Audio Engineer - Music Producer - Songwriter - Vocal Coach

Marcel Schoelles

Audio Engineer - Songwriter

Pietro Damiani

Studio Manager



    Whether online mixing, online mastering or stem printing - our aim is to make the processed files available for download within 48 hours.

    We want to provide you with the absolute best possible audio experience - to achieve this we need high-quality source material from you. Therefore we do not accept any audio material under WAVES format 44kHz/16 bit.

    To ensure maximum security, your data will only be sent back directly via our partner In order to ensure this security for your upload, we ask you to only use our partner Wetransfer or similarly established providers!

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